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Interview with Dr. Yukteshwar Kumar, Councilor in Bath (England).


Dr. Yukteshwar Kumar is a first parent to appear in the press-center when his son, Yuvraj Kumar (born 2005, rating 1455) was playing his first afternoon game… Besides being the Councilor in Bath, Dr.  Yukteshwar Kumar is a famous Indian sinologist. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yukteshwar_Kumar

  • Dear Dr. Yukteshwar Kumar, it is nice to see you here in Salobrena at the press office of the World championships. What has brought you here?
  • Good afternoon, thank you very much for the invitation to interview me at the beautiful venue in Spain. Here I am the head of the delegation of one-member English team. And that member is my son.
  • Why is the English delegation so small? There is nobody else besides your son.
  • I will be very honest with you. Sadly, the ECF (English chess federation) and its junior branch after changing the leadership, are not good. Similar to England we don’t see here in Salobrena the participants from many countries.
  • I can give you a very simple explanation. FIDE at this moment is organizing too many official tournaments and championships. Only recently before Salobrena there were 2 junior events: in Bratislava (European junior) and in Minsk (World Cadets). Next month there will be 2 different world junior championships in India (U-20 and U-18 and below categories). It is very expensive to send all the players to all the championships. That’s why many championships are not well attended by many countries which are not rich.
  • I know it is costly to play chess, I know it is expensive. But particularly in our country England there is absolutely no support from local governments. Although I try to do my best in my town Bath to support chess. But let’s return to our tournament… There are no English players not because they cannot afford to come, but because the information was not distributed among the potential players. Although, I am sure, many of them would love to come, since the tournament is not long, no pressure in school. And Spain is very close to England. In comparison to other countries England is a rich country, more players could have come here, but there was NO information. We have good players with potential who would love to come… This is a complete mess up by the ECF.
  • I understand. I hope the English chess federation will send the players to the world junior championships in India in October.
  • Yes, I am sure. World tournaments are attended by English players.
  • Thank you very much for the information. Let’s talk about the participation of your son. How is he doing?
  • He is doing fine. His main goal in life – not to be a professional chess player! He is a mathematician, you can google his name, he participated in different mathematical tournaments and Olympiads.
  • Here I had other players, some of them also like and good at mathematics and physics.
  • Yes, chess makes people intelligent. Take, for example, John Nunn.
  • Yes, I know, he is a doctor. And a very famous person.
  • True.
  • Now let’s move to another subject. Since you are a councilor in Bath, are you planning to do something to develop chess in England?
  • Yes, although I was elected only half a year ago, I had been a supporter of chess before. I donate money to the chess.
  • Excellent!
  • I am only part-time councilor, since my main job – China expert. Whatever money I get, I try to give some of them to chess. 2 months ago there was a tournament in Britain, I gave one chess book to every player.
  • Fantastic! I hope more people will follow your example!
  • I also asked my mayor of Bath to meet all good junior chess players. Mayor agreed and had held a reception…
  • Will chess tournaments come to Bath? May be, beginning with a rapid, weekend tournament… Then later a regular open. England doesn’t have enough good tournaments.
  • England has some good tournaments, like London Classic.
  • Still, I believe, it is below what England should have.
  • My son is doing fine here, he won 3 games yesterday. But his aim was to be in the list, it is his only 3rd international tournament. But now basically he wants to become a mathematician.
  • ….
  • Another problem, that developing countries like India, Vietnam which are not rich countries, support chess more than rich countries.
  • Yes, yes.
  • Even strongest players in every province get state support. Every good player gets excellent state support. But in England even if you are Number 1, you get no support!
  • It is a problem in all rich western countries.  More developed country it is, less money goes to chess!
  • Chess is also not considered as a sport, not even as a minds sport. Political steps should be taken to recognize chess as a sport.
  • Thank you very much for the interview! I wish you and your son lot of success in chess and other areas of life!
  • Thank you!

Sergey Tiviakov. 12 September 2019.

Interview with Maria Eizaguerri Floris from Huesca (Spain)

Interview with Maria Eizaguerri Floris from Huesca (Spain).


Maria is the only girl playing in the open sections of the World Championships together with the boys.

  • Hallo, Maria! Welcome to the interview. Please, introduce yourself and tell something about your chess carier.
  • I am Maria from Spain, I am 14, next month I will become 15. I live in Huesca. I like to play chess.
  • When did you start playing?
  • I started when I was 6. After that I came to our local club and started to learn more.
  • Who was your first coach? How did you learn chess?
  • I learnt to move the pieces from my father. We bought a book of Kasparov or Karpov. Later I started to play tournaments.
  • What are your best results? What have you achieved so far?
  • I won Spanish championships many times. When I was 8 years old I became 4th, last year at the World youth championship I became 8th.
  • Who is now your coach? Or you work by yourself?
  • Now my coach is GM Josep Oms from Lleida.
  • I know him… How many hours do you work every day?
  • With my coach?
  • Or alone. All time that you spend on chess every day.
  • May be, 2 hours.
  • What are your favorite subjects in school?
  • Mathematics and, may be, informatics.
  • How many years do you still have to go to school?
  • 2 more years, after I will go to the university for more 5 years.
  • In which city are you going to study in the university?
  • In Zaragoza.
  • What do you like to do in the free time?
  • To play badminton and piano.
  • Which expectations do you have from this tournament?
  • I hope to do well. I will play in the open section with boys.
  • This is excellent experience and practice! I wish you lot of luck since it is not so easy to play against the boys. Everybody will try to beat you. I hope you will finish very well. I will be specially following your play. Thank you very much for the interview!

Sergey Tiviakov. 10 September 2019

Interview with WIM Javiera Belen Gomez Barrera from Valdivia (Chile).


At the World championships we have the players from all continents. Here is the conversation with a WIM who came all the way from South America.

  • Hallo! For me it is a big surprise to see a player from Chile because it is so far away from Spain.
  • Yes.
  • Do you live here in Spain?
  • No, I live in Chile.
  • In which city?
  • In Valdivia, 800 kms from Santiago, the capital.
  • I played once in Chile, I like it very much. Could you explain, please, how you got an idea to come to Salobrena to play in the World championships.
  • Well, I am in Spain since August, playing other tournaments before. And I saw that there would be a tournament in Salobrena. And I decided to use the opportunity and play in the championships.
  • In which events did you play before coming here?
  • Ibero-American championship in Linares and afterwards open in Sants.
  • This will be the 3rd tournament in Spain for you. Are you coming in Spain for the 1st time?
  • No, for the 2nd time. Also played similar tournament in Catalonia last year.
  • Here you will also get good experience!
  • Yes, I have already played serious tournaments before like the Olympiad etc
  • Are you serous about chess? Do you work a lot on it?
  • Yes. Before I was occupied studying in school. Now I have finished it and can spend more time on chess.
  • You are not going to study in the university?
  • At this moment, I don’t know (laughing)
  • I see that you love chess and want to spend more time dedicated to it.
  • Yes.
  • Do you have a coach?
  • Yes, GM Sandro Mareco.
  • I know him, he is a very strong player. You are very lucky to have him as a coach!
  • Yes, he is a very good coach and player.
  • We played lot of tournaments together.
  • Now he is playing in the FIDE World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk.
  • When do you return back to Chile?
  • Only on 31 October.
  • More 1,5 months here. What are you going to do?
  • Here in Spain I am planning to stay until 30 September then I go to India to 2 different World Junior Championships to be held in Mumbai (U-18) and New Delhi (U-20).
  • You have a very busy program!
  • Until going to India I have 2 weeks to rest.
  • You are full of energy, don’t becoming tired! What are you doing to keep energy level high?
  • Sleeping a lot (laughing)…
  • Good attitude: eat and sleep a lot! (laughing) Nothing more?! No physical exercises or activities?
  • Sometimes we go for the walks.
  • What do you like besides chess?
  • I like to listen to the music, play guitar. Also I like to paint! But my main hobby and interest is chess!
  • Thanks a lot for the interview! I wish lot of success in all your tournaments you are going to play! And I hope to see you again, may be in Chile, if I come to play there again.
  • Thank you.

Sergey Tiviakov. 10 September 2019. 

Interview with Michal Koziorowicz from Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland).

Interview with Michal Koziorowicz from Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland).


Here at the World Championships we have different players from many different countries. And we have decided to invite for an interview a player from Poland who came to the tournament with his parents.

  • Hallo, Michal! Please, introduce yourself!
  • I am Michal Koziorowicz from Poland. I play chess from the age of 6. My first trainer was my dad, but 1 year later I had started playing in the chess club in Gorzow.
  • What are your best results in chess?
  • My best result is the 2nd place in the European blitz chess championship in Romania 1 year ago. And the 3rd place in the European rapid chess championship in Romania too.
  • And what are your expectations from this tournament? Are you especially good at rapid and blitz?
  • For me it doesn’t matter which kind of chess it is. I like playing chess.
  • Are you still studying in school?
  • Yes.
  • And what are your future prospects?
  • (laughing). I don’t know yet for sure, but I like mathematics and physics.
  • In which big city are you going to study in the university?
  • …..
  • (father answering) I think he will be studying in the university in Poznan, not far from Gorzow.
  • Now I understand that chess for you is a hobby, not a future profession.
  • (father answering) It is difficult to answer this question now, let’s us see… But he loves chess!
  • I see that you came to Salobrena with the whole family. Are you planning to have holidays here after the end of the world championships?
  • (father answering) As parents we wanted to join our son to combine chess and holidays together. Very often we join his tournaments. But this trip will be a very short holiday. Usually we have longer holidays in winter. Also Michal has to return to school, school has already started in Poland. And Michal is happy that he can miss several school days (laughing).
  • After this tournament do you go back or continue in Spain?
  • (father answering) We stay in Spain until 19 September. After this we return to Malaga, also we plan to visit Alhambra, Ronda, Gibraltar. Then we go back home.
  • Thank you very much for the interview. I wish you lot of luck and I hope that the results will be above the expectations! What is your target, Michal?
  • My target is to win!
  • Good luck, Michal! This is a good attitude!

Interview with the chess family Peglau from Germany

Conversation with Markus Peglau and GM Henrik Teske


  • Dear Mr. Peglau! Please, tell me about your family!
  • We are the chess family with 7 children, 6 of them are girls, 3 will be playing in the World championships in Salobrena: Sarah, Choris and Dora. Choris and Dora are twins. Nearly all family is playing chess with an exception of the youngest girl. Here we came with a trainer Henrik Teske, well-known Grandmaster in Germany. We are glad to be here is such a beautiful place!
  • Where do you live in Germany?
  • We are from a small place Dippoldiswalde, not far from Dresden.
  • How serious are the girls about chess? Do they want to become strong chess players, professionals? Or they just play for fun?
  • I think, they all play for fun, of course. But they all want to become strong players, too. And this is the reason why we have a trainer, Henrik Teske.
  • As I understand, Henrik, you are the permanent trainer…
  • Yes.
  • And how often do you work on chess with the girls? How many hours every day?
  • If they like to work (laughing).
  • And you don’t push them?! Because, usually girls don’t like to work…
  • They have other interests besides chess, also they have to go to school.
  • Please, give me the indication for many hours you work every day. Because I also know the girls who work for 6 hours every day.
  • (skeptically). I don’t believe this is possible. But if we work for 2-3 hours, it is fine for us. 3 hours is already much!
  • What are your objectives, aim from this tournament?
  • The girls are still very young, 2 girls are 10, they play in U-14 category. So we have no aims, just to get some experience in the world championships.
  • Are you staying after this tournament for some holidays?
  • Unfortunately, not. The girls have to go to school. But I (Henrik) plan to stay in Spain for some time in Andalucia. I like the region very much and have lots of friends here. I played many-many times in Spain and I recommend it to everybody!
  • What are the future tournaments for the girls?
  • Still we have to decide where to play. But we might go to Korbach open and/or Malta open. And other tournaments when the girls will be free from school. Our work on chess will continue during the tournaments.
  • Thank you very much for the interview. I wish all girls lot of success in the tournament. I hope they will play well, win lot of rating points and get very good experience.
  • Thank you.

World Youth heads to Spain in September

by ChessBase

7/15/2019 – PRESS RELEASE – From September 10-14, the World Rapid & Blitz Junior Championships U-14, U-16 and U-18 will be held in Salobreña (Granada), Spain, about 100 km from Malaga. The Championships will be held in two categories: open and girls. 

International Chess Federation (FIDE), Spanish Chess Federation (FEDA), and the World Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2019 Organizing Committee, have the honour to invite all the FIDE member Chess Federations to participate in the 3rd FIDE World Youth Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships 2019 (under 14, under 16  and under 18 years old – open and girls), which will take place in Salobreña, Spain, between September the 10th, 2019 (arrival) and September 14th, 2019 (departure).

Each federation can register unlimited number of players in each of the categories – Under 14, 16 and 18 (open and girls). A player must not have reached his 14th, 16th or 18th birthday, respectively, before January 1st 2019. The deadline for registration is August 10th.

International Chess Federation (FIDE), Spanish Chess Federation (FEDA), and the World Youth Rapid and Blitz Chess Championships 2019 Organizing Committee, have the honour to invite all the FIDE member Chess Federations to participate in the FIDE World Youth Chess Championships Rapid and Blitz 2019 (under 14, under 16 and under 18 years old – open and girls), to be held in Salobreña, Costa Tropical, Andalucia, Spain, from September 10th to September 14th, 2019. info@wyrbcc2019.com