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Interview with WIM Javiera Belen Gomez Barrera from Valdivia (Chile).


At the World championships we have the players from all continents. Here is the conversation with a WIM who came all the way from South America.

  • Hallo! For me it is a big surprise to see a player from Chile because it is so far away from Spain.
  • Yes.
  • Do you live here in Spain?
  • No, I live in Chile.
  • In which city?
  • In Valdivia, 800 kms from Santiago, the capital.
  • I played once in Chile, I like it very much. Could you explain, please, how you got an idea to come to Salobrena to play in the World championships.
  • Well, I am in Spain since August, playing other tournaments before. And I saw that there would be a tournament in Salobrena. And I decided to use the opportunity and play in the championships.
  • In which events did you play before coming here?
  • Ibero-American championship in Linares and afterwards open in Sants.
  • This will be the 3rd tournament in Spain for you. Are you coming in Spain for the 1st time?
  • No, for the 2nd time. Also played similar tournament in Catalonia last year.
  • Here you will also get good experience!
  • Yes, I have already played serious tournaments before like the Olympiad etc
  • Are you serous about chess? Do you work a lot on it?
  • Yes. Before I was occupied studying in school. Now I have finished it and can spend more time on chess.
  • You are not going to study in the university?
  • At this moment, I don’t know (laughing)
  • I see that you love chess and want to spend more time dedicated to it.
  • Yes.
  • Do you have a coach?
  • Yes, GM Sandro Mareco.
  • I know him, he is a very strong player. You are very lucky to have him as a coach!
  • Yes, he is a very good coach and player.
  • We played lot of tournaments together.
  • Now he is playing in the FIDE World Cup in Khanty-Mansiysk.
  • When do you return back to Chile?
  • Only on 31 October.
  • More 1,5 months here. What are you going to do?
  • Here in Spain I am planning to stay until 30 September then I go to India to 2 different World Junior Championships to be held in Mumbai (U-18) and New Delhi (U-20).
  • You have a very busy program!
  • Until going to India I have 2 weeks to rest.
  • You are full of energy, don’t becoming tired! What are you doing to keep energy level high?
  • Sleeping a lot (laughing)…
  • Good attitude: eat and sleep a lot! (laughing) Nothing more?! No physical exercises or activities?
  • Sometimes we go for the walks.
  • What do you like besides chess?
  • I like to listen to the music, play guitar. Also I like to paint! But my main hobby and interest is chess!
  • Thanks a lot for the interview! I wish lot of success in all your tournaments you are going to play! And I hope to see you again, may be in Chile, if I come to play there again.
  • Thank you.

Sergey Tiviakov. 10 September 2019.