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Interview with the chess family Peglau from Germany

Conversation with Markus Peglau and GM Henrik Teske


  • Dear Mr. Peglau! Please, tell me about your family!
  • We are the chess family with 7 children, 6 of them are girls, 3 will be playing in the World championships in Salobrena: Sarah, Choris and Dora. Choris and Dora are twins. Nearly all family is playing chess with an exception of the youngest girl. Here we came with a trainer Henrik Teske, well-known Grandmaster in Germany. We are glad to be here is such a beautiful place!
  • Where do you live in Germany?
  • We are from a small place Dippoldiswalde, not far from Dresden.
  • How serious are the girls about chess? Do they want to become strong chess players, professionals? Or they just play for fun?
  • I think, they all play for fun, of course. But they all want to become strong players, too. And this is the reason why we have a trainer, Henrik Teske.
  • As I understand, Henrik, you are the permanent trainer…
  • Yes.
  • And how often do you work on chess with the girls? How many hours every day?
  • If they like to work (laughing).
  • And you don’t push them?! Because, usually girls don’t like to work…
  • They have other interests besides chess, also they have to go to school.
  • Please, give me the indication for many hours you work every day. Because I also know the girls who work for 6 hours every day.
  • (skeptically). I don’t believe this is possible. But if we work for 2-3 hours, it is fine for us. 3 hours is already much!
  • What are your objectives, aim from this tournament?
  • The girls are still very young, 2 girls are 10, they play in U-14 category. So we have no aims, just to get some experience in the world championships.
  • Are you staying after this tournament for some holidays?
  • Unfortunately, not. The girls have to go to school. But I (Henrik) plan to stay in Spain for some time in Andalucia. I like the region very much and have lots of friends here. I played many-many times in Spain and I recommend it to everybody!
  • What are the future tournaments for the girls?
  • Still we have to decide where to play. But we might go to Korbach open and/or Malta open. And other tournaments when the girls will be free from school. Our work on chess will continue during the tournaments.
  • Thank you very much for the interview. I wish all girls lot of success in the tournament. I hope they will play well, win lot of rating points and get very good experience.
  • Thank you.